Some information about DAGschwinds.com
Daniel Gschwind

Daniel Gschwind

Photographer & Physiotherapist
Daniel spent the majority of his adult life working as a Physiotherapist, trying to help people with their physical impairments. While working with people on a daily basis he realised that every human approaches, feels and interprets various aspects of life differently. Photography for him is a medium to express and transfer emotions in order to cope with his work-life balance. Daniel first began teaching himself photography in 2012, mainly from watching youtube videos and reading blogs in the internet. His photographic knowledge is self taught and has never received any formal photographic education.

Andreas Gschwind

Andreas Gschwind

Andreas is a IT Consultant who first came in contact with photography about 25 years ago, where he started capturing meaningfull memories of his family on film. But before he knew it, he realized that photography was his true passion for showing his creativity.  His innovative photography style is unique and makes him stand out from "normal photography".

Our Philosophy

In general it is our belief that at any location, at any point in time there must be a decent picture, you just need to find it. We often go to a place together to experience this sensation. It constantly amazes us that even being in the same location at the same time the expression you can get in an image can differ substantially. By choosing a lens, a perspective, and camera settings such as exposure, aperture and ISO it allows you to come up with a very personal impression.
The intention is to document the scene at hand at that moment in time. That means we try to do adjustments in camera and limit our post-production to cropping and slight exposure corrections. Even the more abstract images, that might come across as paintings, are done in camera and we still consider them to be photographs.
Sometimes the images we capture are easy to understand and recognize and might remind you of your experience when you visited that place. Arguably some images are much harder to comprehend and need more time to unravel; the title of the image will give you a hint but might sometimes require an explanation.